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O Dreams Wave (Bandcamp 2016)

   Making no sense but not a nonsense lyrics or themes wrapped by the various spooky moods to tentacle ideas or non-repeating ensemble that had not manually instructed by the colorful one-eyed god with no horns collectively wrapped by these Ypsilanti, Michigan group of their own owned Psych-Rock Alternative and Darkwave’s plurality as a trio of variable techniques apprentices: Morgan Cox (drums/vocals), Chris Sandon (guitars/keyboards/vocals) and Craig Johnson (bass) whom mixing the sound of Marc Bolan humping Ms. PJ Harvey in a caravan drove to the middle of hallucinating Psychedelic/smoothy rock moderate where Pop being kidnapped and force to having sex with uncomfortable melting-pot lingering of haunted boiling grooves for the Classic retro Rock-tinged of the seventies. 
   One shall wanted to exploring more of those songs like Undertaker, Bridge, Growing Veins onto Dull Drums (explicit) and Home (Red Eye) as the band – Modern Lady Fitness slicing their melodic and solos through the album Awake and never look back down …