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Nostalgia Affair (Rough Trade 1982)

Formed by the quartet of Simon Emmerson, Larry Stabbins, Alun Mark Williams and Alison Statton as a British Pop-Indie with Post-Punk senses - Weekend; which tolerates their existence for not only performing just another plainly Indie-Pop music as usual but a mixture of more of thus unique sounds like Swing, Rhumba to Lounge Pop-Rock that have been overwhelming by plenty percussions addition onto their music making and song-written compositions here off the debut recording. 

Meet La Variete – the endless project that would becoming the band’s best effort to be remembered almost like forever as one can listening to the most songs available there like a flower-parade carnival shows in an island of pacific and more attractions for the tourists to see via the listening times over Weekend Stroll, Summerdays, Carnival Headache, Drum Beat For Baby, Sleep Theory and Red Planes. 

Buy a ticket to your paradise holiday and don’t forgetting this album to bring !

La Variete: