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Nine Oh Five (Cedar Fever 2009)

Little fishes for breakfast or just a terrible fun display, the good rocking riffs and melodic jangly for Alternative Post-Punk Austin, Texas rules by the hands of this recording extent by The Gary is the name for these trio cowboys playing Indie Rock and Country stronger evidence via Chub – the elegant non-fully length records coming out from them but Dave Norwood, Paul Warner and Trey Pool aren’t your philanthropists rockers and philosophers and they’re looking kinds of skin-headed old guys with the energy of a young band and playing thus by standard tempos looking sway as the monotonous vocals didn’t quite ruining the show they’ve made with colors.
The inspiring tracks suitable for the long road driving along the routes did manage to penetrates your brain as the seven songs like Expiration, Damn Machines, I May Have a Drink onto Freeway and Confusion truly sounded catchy but didn’t quite showing themselves as a sell-out bogues living in sins and try to make some money on making the listeners having them in one particular album of a hit wonder …