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Nightfall Climax (Cold Dimensions 2016)

Depressive Black Metal with a one sole person project blasting atmosphere of Eefurt, Germany known only as an initial of G.B brings his Coldworld music to the frontier of anti-establishment themes with closed-coffin, claustrophobia, soupy and hyper-raging feelings towards the world of ordinary and its dwellers; later on you might discover that Georg Borner is the real man behind this brutal act as he displaying all his might and will and playing thus live instruments of bands by himself as he recording these sorrow painful or disaster project to dragging some to go suicidal on purposes. 
As Autumn symbolized the very penetrating times where after the loss of power comes the weaken days and dying ticks to countable as the end for an era or a season of a whole year. Double pedals monotonous drumming of angst of a man tearing down by hard life itself and not trying to just surrender without a fight by embracing darkness aspects are fully attacking via Scars in terrorizing rage or the symphonic lust in Void or Womb of Emptiness as the reality of pain torturing his listeners even more …