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Nicolae (Bandcamp 2017)

Noticed that Ross Procaccio’s djembe performance for the opening track Biology has given you a reactions of traditional/modern smack rocking flew within the rest of live band instruments bashing in slower motion beats as the recording release for Strange Demise being ready and happens because of the quartet talents of the main musicians like Sam Kim (guitars, vocals), Daniel Lee (vocals, guitar, piano), Adam Slasberg (bass, vocals) and Bryan Kingsley (drums, vocals) as Bishop which sounded like a half Progressive Rock, half Math-Rock and half-Indie Folk on the run to reaching rocket as further then floating up the void sky on a journey to Europa moon while the players rocking hard and intensive expense the triangular severed sections divided to five tracks and more splashing imaginable tunes, surrealist themes and semi-fictional written lyrics as an artery supporting the pulse of the band’s heart lifer through songs of Brown & Green, Man Behind The Curtain or Bow Out.

Strange Demise: