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Never That Far (Self-Released 2015)

Win the living shit of hell out with you as you got the satisfactory over a good opportunity of meeting these three of “Rockin’ chicks by night, school teachers by days” of Los Angeles who loves Rock Music and these women really sings those songs about honesty, thoughtful and fun times in a loud, melodic and noisy ways within the good written lyrics of possibilities in a kickin’ ass friendship for rock n’ roll, respects and straight talking attitudes as No Small Children trio: Lisa Parade, Nicola B and Joanie Pimentel releasing the third recording albums on Hold Tight, I’m Flying. As Joanie’s playing bass guitar, accordion and cello, Nicola Berlinsky on drums as for the vocalizations altogether on the girls performances brought the Alternative of big-steps, on trophywife dearymouth of Rock and those Bob Marlette made in Los Angeles for real and surely, entertaining to watch and gladly listening by every single boys waiting to get their pants pull down and smack hard from behind –kinds of imaginations of rocking theories alike. 
Lisa Parade or Pimentel as well is leading the vocals with guitar performance and saxophone or trombone as well – floating higher with the girls singing machine, I Don’t Want It, Take My Heart and Jerk Song while give a chance for us on Welcome to This World – their realms of those cool Rock music !

Hold Tight I'm Flying: