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Net Spagett’s (Choke Records 2016)


   Ska-Core massive with plenty big-brass band-members like guitarist/vocalist Doc to Dopey the drummer, Happy on guitars, bassist Sneezy, Sleepy the trombone player, Grumpy the trumpeter and Bashful on saxophone writing their songs to make your cringe the most as planned but mostly, to have a good-time for skanking and shake your ass-up in a dope music plots carrying the distinctive band’s courage via this solid format off The Best of The Worst and the album called Perspective. Toronto’s Punk-Ska underground to Hardcore Crust and Pop all creating a fusion like the people living to rock the boat and turning something boring to a cool head-banging party just like the crowds demanding tracks like the terrible story about Jonestown 1978, Hook Line and Sinker or FCKYEAHBLOOPY.Tumblr.Com as well as Speechless.
   As the Brave New World out there needs an explorations braver enough picturing by The Best of The Worst themselves. 

Ontario’s D.I.Y scene seems to be never die !