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Nacatl Penetrator (Lakeshore Records 2008)

   Art- gallery owner business interest, a photographer’s ego-motions or a coincident case files of an unfortunate person stick through a path that he shouldn’t follow or walks-in is the main principle digest stored imagination that being shown from this Clive Barker’s finest collection of his Books of Blood origins directed by Ryuhei Kitamura as a captures on rare opportunity off a vegan freelance photographer named Leon and his girlfriend Maya dragging onto the strange and scary non-escaping investigation for the disappearance of a butcher/serial killer named Mahogany whom suspected for murdering many subway passengers since three years ago as the activity led him to meet detective Hadley – showing a terrible horrific pictures where most of the victimized bodies were hanged upside down as the marks strangely branded on their chests by the mutilator on this terrorizing scene movie off The Midnight Meat Train which starring Bradley Cooper, Vinnie Jones and Leslie Bibb; as the original motion picture music was composed, mixing and compiles sets by Johannes Kobilke and Robb Williamson within thus remixes completed by Justin Lassen as you can totally follows or may said as it stalks your appearance in vulnerability via the various uncommon artists performance on Strange Strange Dark Star (Iconocrash), Whenever We Come Back from Breaking The Jar, Manakin Moon closely comes in Blue Hands or Three Dot Revolution bring their tracks on Today’s Remains. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack that had the movie caught everyone’s attention while watching it but don’t do it alone cause the reptilians which being fed by the butcher in the story may stalks your presence because they’re hungry for human-flesh which contradicted to the first thought that may occurs on your mind.

A conspiring Horror tale scares you there.