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Mustapha Pole (Synesthetic Recordings 2014)

   The joining force of equilibrium elastic tones experiments from Acid Mothers Temple duet members: Atsushi Tsuyama and Makoto Kawabata deeper musical-ology and improvisations for traditional European sounds and troubadour background on deep love on rock via Classic Progressive moody destructive activities of unprecedented performing ability through sounds aiming correctly to those fanatics whom only listening the choice for this type of album releasing and the proof is real to play infiltrates within the weird spacey strings arrangements which haunting or mistakenly made the annoying sounds to hear Zoffy (the group project) given you their Zo Zo Zo Zo Zoffy!!! – a pluralistic blending of Alternative Rock, Folk to Psychedelic in a strange well-known tracks legendary but non-allegedly approved to be sounded like something else out of this freaking world of ours or like a gatefold to a mysterious dimension singing the anthem of dying days of mankind historical gallery of last minutes for humanity progress works via Mmm…Siegner!... So. M Dis La Vilana in five minutes more longer, Immigrant Song from Led Zeppelin, Space Oddity of Bowie’s greatest tune; Platitude or Fire Ball – not well and signaling the static tone of lost breathing re-issued base upon the very abnormal freaky-Folk plus parody of Rock taste made out of Japan and contained bare-skin nudity that some of you might afraid of on being hypocrites. 

What a well-formed weird country …