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Mother's Milk America (Young Gods Records 1991)

   Whether you wanted to have a package of complete strange musical performance by human musicians that carrying the blender-style which consisting of the crazy Napalm Death/Nasum’s Grindcore fluctuates to the curiosity among Post-Rock zone with thus within an atmospheric Sludge Metal/Goth Rock affection towards the clever moves of slower-beating heart-ache solutions on music by the Indie-Rock acts on Swans – made in New York City. 
The main characters on Art-Rock to Acoustic musicals played by the original figure like Michael Gira on guitars/voice/mendicant friar act to Norman Westberg on guitars, Christophj Hahn also on guitars, Phil Puleo a drummer/dulcimer/etc, Chris Pravdica the bassist/gadgets to Thor Harris on drums/percussion/vibes/dulcimer/etc on the recording release of Love Of Life as the develops over Noise-Rock, Industrial-Pop, more Post-Rock and others truly clearly shown there as the experiences spreading through The Golden Boy that was Swallowed by The Sea; In The Eyes of Nature, Identity and Amnesia or The Sound of Freedom breathing concluded not easily ends even as Her comes to the stage or an epic track over The other Side of The World that sounded wiser … 

Experimentally, originals. 

Love Of Life: