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Moth And Rust (Not On Label 2016)

There’s nothing wrong with how these two metal-heads musicians Ethan (vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards) and Scott (vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards) written tracks like Волны Смерти (Waves of Death), Discordant, Trace of Breath or Eye like an amalgam theory over Orthodox Christianity-based background to thus monastic or asceticism ideas blessings the rest of this semi-monotheistic Heavy Metal/Black Metal/Extreme Metal periods via Ageless - the record that made by this US band calling themselves Hesychast. 

The apprentice child finally met his mentor as the time has come for him to go out wandering and make his own adventures through the wilderness of vast semi-modern world filled with hatred enemies but there’s no regret on him and the mentor priest; cause they both know that everything has a beginning and the end to happen …