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Molotov Dress Cocktail (Bandcamp 2016)

   Who said Queer Punk-rockers can’t working their ass-off on making some of the greatest mixing between the favorable essence from Tori Amos to The Dresden Dolls; a defiant confessional experience tales and glamour Pop-Punk cabaret emotionally personal but taking pretty much energy to spreads among the listeners. Anti-Folk/Alternative/Piano-Cabaret Pop and London’s Queer army called Daniel Versus The World truly worth a listen to for you and friends on addressing depression, anxiety, loneliness and heartbreak themes arranged and performs by Daniel Stocker – piano/vocals, Laura Ankles – drums/backing vocals, Carmela Pietrangelo – guitars, Jaca Freer – bass and the gang vocals by Piab Flowers and Zoe Milburn for never stopping to reminds you via Remember Who You Are album which consisting of some of their finest tracks to lifting-up your spirits back from the downs and bad moments of memories artistically great as being told by Daniel and co. through Second Class Citizen or memories of Things to Come that erupts with “funky trendy” beats or the melancholic ballads via Little Blue or Thank You there for you. 

When Daniel and friends really wins over the globe that’s the time we all might cheering out !

Remember Who You Are: