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Milk And Cookies (Atlantic 2015)

Meet the newest product out of your Pop-culture stock-artists – the cutey Melanie Adele Martinez might be your new female singer whom bent her influence towards an Alternative Pop-Electro sounds as she likes as being auditioned for The Voice sing contest but eliminated earlier that didn’t stop the story for this colored darken miscellaneous hair babe to halting her from chasing the dreams out of the Pop realm. 
Cry Baby will be the proof of Melanie Martinez’s record deal contract as her talents being sniffed by the bigger corporations looking for more replacements to either Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse or Lady Gaga and this record spraying thus rainy tears of joy as the theme-songs related to any kinds of this girl’s tales of life put on inked as a written lyrics and musical biography – closer to the images build by Katy Perry via Indie-Pop and Synth-Electro to Pop-Rock as you will listening her doing her things as she likes it to happen there through thus sweet and bitter tangled teenage beats via Dollhouse, Sippy Cup, Training Wheels, Soap, Carousel, Alphabet Boy and Pacify Her to Mad Hatter - but don't get her wrong because this girl's looks tough. 

Seems like a new Alice going back to the other doors leading to her imaginable world with a different strokes ...

Cry Baby: