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Midnight Metropolis (Independent 2015)

   Zack Lorenzen feelings of the life’s activities which comes with anxiety or procrastination solely attempts to convey coherent which beached through his written lyrics for this self-service or one solo project of a young guy whom also a multi-instrumentalist music player performing his own ideas on the basic interest towards music and resulting this Emo-Math Rock/Alternative Indie and Post-Rock of New Bedford – Massachusetts  wind-milling this Perpetual Standstill from The Heist Revenge. Like a blurry adventure after the evening of last September falls visioning thus signs of trouble or just a question finding its answer; altogether for perhaps, hidden under one of these tracks of a daily things you did or always do before – like the feelings when you’re winning through Long Live The Cabs, being a little bit scared and needed somebody onto Shiver, Frozen Gears for Millennia probably, a global awareness in Grungy honesty song in order to preparing for the best or the worst might happening later and A Contemporary Movement is merely ambiguous or anonymous but real and walks by itself for about six minutes and nineteen seconds.

Perpetual Standstill: