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Microphone (Bandcamp 2017)

   Elements of Indie-Pop, Psychedelic Folk of the 60’s era onto the emphasis melodic and mixture vocals as needing their lead female singer the most to collaborates for the band – The Strawberry Moons members Dustin Schemensky on drums, Jason Areford on bass, John Falk (guitars, vocals) and Aimee Jacobs (vocals, keyboards, percussion) has releasing their San Diego’s piece of Art-Rock/Dream Pop and Synth-Pop to sounding interested via this 4-Song E.P recording within the dirtiest theme like When We Are Animals or Smiling Face that looks like the quartet really having fun and mock the world on the same time using their psychedelic aura music themes via this vintage Pop beats from the past influence looking forward.

A good beginning !

4-Song EP: