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Merimbula (Future Classic 2014)

Pop-duo mates of your Australia scenery for dancing with the stars edition about nobody famous but as the music and the beats collapsing together in bursts; one should realizing that there’s no such things as being famous should taking you to everywhere while for the none means nowhere. Hard-working and plenty experiments and lots of colleges shall making your dreams to slowly go further rather than stepping in jeopardy as this facts truly leads the duet music-makers Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell of Flight Facilities did their time to comprising the first debut recording album via Down To Earth; which exactly got the supports from most of their friends and fellow artists to helping lend their voices or technical touch towards the mixing on Electronic, Funk/Soul, Down-Tempo, Deep House and Disco sounds there mingled altogether through Two Bodies with Emma Louise, Sunshine with Reggie Watts, Stand Still (with Mickey Green) and Clair De Lune (Christine Hoberg) and Stee Downes for Hold Me Down. You might not believe it but from zero to almost famous – the duo finally got their finest hours of blending music and being around everywhere which tempting names like Kylie Minogue or Giselle to co-working with them as well for the same background as things used to be started from a small parts to developed. Good dancing themes …     

Down To Earth: