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Mercurial Ann (Cass Records 2007)

   Retro and vintage as hell got freeze over from the catalogs capitalized on being melodiously Rock N’ Roll productions within the works of these Detroit, Michigan’s Bubblegum Psychedelic of Garage-Punk sounded mature and has successfully brought the essential of the sixties rocking fresh sounds – thanks to the members of the band: Bobby Harlow (vocals, piano, harmonica, bass, lead guitars), John Krautner (vocals, rhythm guitars, bass) onto Marc Fellis (drums) and James McConnell (vocals, lead & rhythm guitars) with the front cover just like bandwagon-ing the photographic off The Stooges legacy recording with more rockers posing there and the song not too exactly sounding like Iggy Pop or Mc5 but closer to The Beatles, Hoodoo Gurus and R.E.M in rocks through the releasing of Howl on The Haunted Beat You Ride album right here by The GO. From the rocking rolling psychedelic of You Go Bangin’ On, Invisible Friends or So Long Johnny to the ballad on renaissance of Victorian music as being mixed with Folk-Pop sweetening. The listeners shall loving what they’d hear then there inside while discovering it.