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Meine Klein Russin (Voodoo Rhythm 2007)

   Come and meet the greets from the invitation which came from the sender by the name of Reverend Beat-Man as you being drag deeper into his lair of seductive arousing sessions of spiritual Blues-trashy preaching to fix the hole in your soul and you bought a one way ticket to Berne, Switzerland as Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash Vol 1 rocks you off the hook and let your drooling tongue kept the sinful thoughts to yourself as watching the hottest lingerie-lady with long legs spreading wider in front of the audience like a fresh prime meat quality serving within thus Psychobilly Punk-Blues, Garage Rock Alternative and Country-freaks like the wrestling Rock N’ Roll of one man soullessly denying the truth about salvation comes with the second coming but by and through yourself as the harmony under goth-tinged and thrilling suspense eroding and surpasses the thin lines between sinned man and holy devil sitting there drinking, smoking and let the music flows to haunts or to curing even the non-curing hearts invited to the show by the man. Ladies and gentlemen; please welcome and step inside, don’t be shy cause there’s a gorgeous partners for everyone an the tracks suits for your dreams here within Beat Zelller’s written rules over lyrics via The Clown of The Town, I Belong To You, CocoGrace, Jesus Christ Twist and Another Day Another Live or I Wanna Know really sounded softly damned and seems to be rather to pushing people to make more sins than obeying god’s law. 

Ha Ha Ha Ha …

Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash Vol 1: