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Me With Love (Bandcamp 2017)

   Confirming that the essential members must be having their own zodiac background explanations and liberty of power will according to their basic talents as the band members of Astra (Pisces) on guitars/vocals to Dustin (Capricorn) the baritone guitars/vocals as well as Josh (Libra) on keyboards and Collin (Taurus) the drummer and the band naming the group: The Gods Themselves which playing the exquisite parallel universe between No-Wave Art-Rock to Disco-punk and ElectroPsych-Pop from Seattle, WA. 
Trying to rescue the mundane feelings attached to the self-rejecting for the Alternative Rock scene sounding abroad like the influenza tactics for carrying the legendary beats that used to play by Peter Gabriel sophomore and non-aggressive to the intense formats – for example: Slegdehammering toned disco-rock and more catalogs of non-artificial world and activism against the natural destruction via the French-kissing tongue-taste pictography over Be My Animal. 
So, singing loud through these songs whether PETA or Unesco approving them or not but remember that any donations are important to give cause you got inside your pocket the rights of the righteous and the voiceless poor and the modernity talk-is-cheap but dance music collisions over Pop-culture non-popularity contest on Tech Boys, So Hot, COOL to St. Mary or Alone; you will be seduced by the femme vocalist and the groovy sounds to make love with – but don’t make more kids because we are already becoming an over-populated planet !

Be My Animal: