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Matters Dependency (New Joy Records 2015)

Brunswick – Germany’s Pop-Emo(tionals) Punk and Indie Rock exhibitions in a form of trio called themselves Forkupines in an affinity of mixture on Pop-Punk and Hardcore wiser-thoughts for skaters, lovers and stompers who keeps on dreaming to write their own music and songs one day as these rockers: Skotty, Jens and Christian did pretty well for themselves to move on via the recording of extended play – Yet The Same. 

Six tracks with screamo and heavier beats but never leaving you alone without the melodic Emo-core and Pop sensibility through I Am The Horizon, Sleep by The Fire Bloom in Water or Nothing Short of Magic publishing the marks of the band’s beginning for climbing up and seeing outside the fences; the mountains named free-will  wilderness and power-sounds to explores !

Yet The Same: