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Marchosias Oath (Shadow King 2017)

The occultist group of Doom Metal performance from Concepcion, Chile which comprising of the trio matias M.H (bass guitar), Arcano (drums) and Fernando Vidal (guitars, vocals) writing their own lyrics of damned deems of inner concepts on doomsday and occultism rituals and releasing the very classic album on their newer product via The Tree Of Death – for Condenados probably, making their own version for an anti-genesis thoughts or the closing chapters for mankind existence inside death-decaying and forever shall not again resurrected like some might believes that we are can. 

The thicker dark obsessions of influences from the legendary metallic names like Candlemass, Sabbath or Saint Vitus given roots onto these Chileans to rock their paths out must be a greater effective displays for the Doom Metal scene there by the knowledge artistic of how and adverse black magic releases might continues after this package hits another audience-based listeners besides the locals through some good tracks like The Lamb, Star of Punishment, Burn or Demon’s Head and Sea of Fire as those lyrics written carefully based by Goetia’s demonology. 

The Tree of Death: