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Maple Hardaway (Bandcamp 2014)

Recorded and mastered by Max G in the other-side of these Tulsa, Oklahoma’s blending of Dumpster Trashcan Surf-Rock and Pop-Punk with a lazy parts for the influences on Blues and Rock N’ Roll and Garage attitudes just like The Damned doing a slower version in a format within a female voice led their semi-standard music of Alternative or Grunge-based kinds of non-hipster jitterbug lousy sounds across the releasing for Heavy Clean Venus released by the band whose calling themselves – Who & The Fucks. 

Foursome cranky rock-heads more elusive than Sonic Youth but playing the nearly amateur rock vision but having hearts for it honesty written and composed as you might listening to them at Ham Our Eggs, Turquoise Queen, The Man in The Robe Smokes His Dope and Pepperoni Baby are thus courageous simplicity efforts rowing roars in their own method of sound choices … 

Asking about what ? 

Heavy Clean Venus: