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ManPilatos (Self-Released 2011)

Originally hard-attached to Nicosia, Cyprus as the country by birth for most of the group members of Trio Tekke; the London-based three-piece: Antonis Antoniou (trouras, vocals, electronics), Lefteris Moumtzis (guitars, vocals) and Colin Somervell (double bass) arranging their own materials as well as some Classic tracks traditionally belongs to Cypriot culture as the musical exploration continues even longer and resulted this fantastic album to listen – Samas.
By the mixtures of the Reggae-Jazz cum, fairly acoustic guitar melodic finger-plays and much reasons for having this Indie Pop local and Greek-based Post-Rembetika or Neo-Traditional Pop joined with marimba, slithering violin and cheeringly springs the essential strange but danceable songs like Batman’s Uniform, Andigonou, To Gelekaki, Karagiozo and Pame Sto Faliro just about to forcing you to do the silly dance entirely with other envi-tators staring at the artistic jamming.