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Make Total Destroy (Self-Released 2014)

   Maybe it’s a mistake to taking your chance on trying this shit Folk-Punk acoustic sessions or it’s just like others said; a tired Punk-Rock products still wanted to spreading the softer side of Anarchism in the mix within Country Western and Pop culture problems as blending them into batter of music as the man - Pat Schneeweis or Pat The Bunny talks absurdly about being sober or die trying kinds of story, heavy addictions or modern day Anarcho-Punk tales of Probably Nothing, Possibly Everything but believing as predicted to justify the reasons why most people dissatisfied nowadays and pissed to go out protesting on the streets so easily like they’re being paid or waiting for the camera rolls as the media adding it worse just like The Hand You Reach Out is Empty as Mine is, We Don’t Get Tired We Get Even, The Club Hits of Today will be The Show Tunes of Tomorrow (cover). 

What a Glorious Shipwreck life-experience you bumping to !

Probably Nothing, Possibly Everything: