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Machina Ex Deus (Shinto Records 2011)

   Scary news on disasters within crazy storms and hurricanes like giants in scales as the opening Overture of six minutes and fifteen seconds leads the reckless demographic in questioning of panic and the weather report geographically, didn’t accurate anymore as our world goes entering the most catastrophic century of our times like billion years ago history cannot escaping any lies about what’s really happening to our ancestors and Geodesic tells you almost the similarity effects erupts under our consequences for destroying our planet with pollution and dumpsters – as Resonance the debut album from these Minneapolis Ambient Alternative Electro and experimental Tech-Wave formed by Zoe and Oni Sakti with Lala Fairshadow draws their exceptions of ideas imaginable frightfully bad waiting to occurs over this Classical and abstract of Neo-minimalist Techno-Music experiences by theme like passive choices and Sci-Fi stories via Hybrid Fruit (featuring Protea), Replicant onto Calculate, Dream Song, Falling Down and Finale: Dissonance; as even their bonus tracks cannot saving every single one of you as the haunting female vocals sting your hearings.