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Lovestainedrazorblades (Abstract Sounds 2006)

   The sounding of late alarming signals off the radio frequency leads to the absence of softer but fast and furious clippers of clattering bash music via Metal-Core made of Tuscaloosa, Alabama state – here’s the Dead Man in Reno raging the recent years of self-induct visions and the day just coming upon them and you as well right timing as the releasing of a debut self-title album erupting the cleansed moment in form of self-suicidal of your favorite characters, public figures and yourself within the performance of shattering shreds by Chris Penuel, Drew Shelnutt, George Edmondson to Justin Sansom and Sam Conyers distorting the stereo system room mixing their Hardcore and Death Metal influences on the track-lists parade of destruction themes via From Here I Can See The Shore, The Devil Made Him Do It, Given A Season of Sun, Goodbye Tomorrow Hello Dead Letters or She’s Tugging on My Heartstrings accepted to the worst sorrowful acts off The Crow story – Dead Man in Reno is really sheering sad, tragic and painful to listen in low volume !

Dead Man In Reno: