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Loved Machined (ZTT 1985)

   Die Krupps ex-members blending their Industrial-Rock with Autumn-Goth rhythms found over the new mixtures of energy via female vocals and more Pop-oriented underground touches by keyboardist Ralf Dorper and Andreas Thein as they’re forming a Neo-Electro Techno sound unit delivered as Dusseldorf group called Propaganda with the rest of the crew-teaming: Michael Mertens, Suzanne Freytag, Claudia Brucken and the dynamic duo Ralf and Andreas bringing their disturbance plus of Syth-Pop culture sounds through these track-listed sub-titled of here: Disturbances of Songs by Propaganda divided into several songs like Abuse to Laughed while the second parts – There: had Thought and several others opened by Jewelled. 
A semi-glamour Electronic of the early eighties era where old Industrial turning on to have sexual intercourse with the more popular New Wave music and making a rather solid Pop-Culture since then for either the pioneering visuals and lyrical persuasions towards arts and rocking themes of the technology futuristic like those you can captured inside Wishful Thinking album as Propaganda’s second fully releasing since they’re formed. Strange currency noises there …

Wishful Thinking: