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Lost Gate Silent (Dion Fortune/Big Noise 1993)

   Maybe considering as one of the best releasing albums over the entire career of these Germanic Gothic-Rock band formed back at the beginning of the nineties era by Pisacane and Artaud Seth but later on disbanded due to the different perspectives or interest to chased and the proof shall remains still frozen until one opening the record and plays it to your stereo system one dark days. (The) Garden of Delight  also consisting of bass-player Jawa Seth or Nils Herbig on guitars and many others ex’s and formers but then re-grouping back without too much original members on it. Sargonid Seal also carries thus symbol of Enki or Marduk from the likes of Ancient Sumerian old beliefs and satanic semi-modern life-style worships by the group and dealing their impossible composing characters through the non-stunning, very cold and pessimistic themes of relevant sorrows and madness behind tears and lusty sex of nocturnal feeding activities commonly free as exposing entirely through either Shared Creation or Confessions of A Captured Cultist or The Seal opening for Gods and Myths and Paradise via this album. Completely darkened – excessively bitter under the marooned ceilings …

Sargonid Seal: