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Losers, Ect (Unknown Records 2013)

Spring recorded for the excessive Punk-Rock Skater anthems with a little bit of Hardcore-Punk positive of the underground tunneling channels pick as the acts on reasonable interests paid well then through this Go Smash Now…
Their standard consciousness for expressing the quite essential youth energy as the band-members acting crazy and preparing to destroys their own equipment of live music or just being extremely happy as an expression for being free from the controls of the authority boring governments ready to shut down the rebel music of Punk Rock down but they’re fail. 
Run outside and skate yourself until the dark night turning to day again or in-reversed; play these tracks louder and there’s nothing can stopping you from doing anything right as a promise from The band to you – the audiences. 
Songs for the lonely skaters out there: Gone But Not Forgotten, Nicky Mak, Don’t Even Talk to Me, The One That Got Left Behind and Hanging on Your Arms. 

Spit ! Jump ! Kick ! Spit !

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