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Long Long (Self-Released 2017)

   Can you imagine - meeting the newer “clarity vocals” of the native New Yorker whom also not only a singer but songwriter, actor and being totally influenced by wider musicians from different ages of era as to her – Brooke Moriber; the loves for Linda Ronstadt onto Amy Lee describes the quite good background for this young girl who looks similar like Avril Lavigne but on gently caring preserving her rootsy Americana music as well as the choices over either original Pop sounds, Country stronger and Rock harmonies as the network televisions or several papers or magazines already destined her future career to be distinctively brighter ranging up as the license over her written songs or her acting abilities also quite remarkable to talk about as well. 
Sharing stages with names from The Gin Blossoms to Cindy Lauper to Alan Cumming, bringing her closer to the sensible mainstream listeners next time right after the releasing of this recording songs via Here and Gone within tracks like The Last Goodbye, Time Takes It’s Time and 99 Days of Rain; pretty much like an in-between of finder a mixed talents of a singer girl actress like a Hollywood dream story re-told.

Here and Gone: