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Logical Religion (Institute For Education, Research And Scholarship 2016)


   A presentation marking the milestones of the word “google” really means a new meaning in every single language of the entire world as the new millennium slowly crawls to its summit to reach as civilizations really develops under the needing for more information, computer data-base and smart phones and possibly, one of the most important company provider in search engine of the world wide web today giving us the all featured music from the book of Google It: Total Information Awareness via this Newton Lee’s V.A Google It Soundtrack compilations.
   More classic remake covers to some newbie songs recital and modern technology logical baseline thoughts and sharing of advance tips on future-kinds of necessity over generations as the preserving and nurturing of youngsters in a better level humanity is a must to be aimed sooner – completely. 
   Educational or researches and awarding shall be the long-term plans to shape our world to be stepped in the good path not in reverse. You will listening how the land of the silicon valley processing Hotel California got a treatment from the performance here by Vocal Sampling, Bizimkiler brought the semi-elelctronic version for Another Brick in The Wall Pt. 2 as well as the ballad tracks of Euro-Disco via In The Year 2525 from Pete Stark whom might not having a relationship to Tony Stark corp. and the ending within Free – a Princess X’s E.D.M power anthem tracks blown out the boredom inside your heads and knocking your conscious with the good sentence “if you can’t fight them, just join them !” relentlessly, meaningful right at this time …