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Limbo Head (Self-Released 2014)

Part of Gavin Rossdale, seminal sound-bashing borrowed from Helmet; an Alternative Post-Rock from Orange, Australia calling themselves: Godfrey Turner Overdrive which (yeah) you know that they’re give a little bit joke for the comparison of the Classic rock group from the seventies but everyone will knowing the fact that through the recording of Visceral Light the engineered and mixed tremendous tracks of fie like the numbers of the band-members of GTO: Chris Benno (guitar), Peat Hall (bass), Jacob Pickett (drums), Jacob Bowden ((vocals) and James Buchanan (guitars) cranking their NSW’s thematic progressions and straight riff-age to be blended and serve rocking. Intertwined strings, swirl-riffs, distorted exploring energy taken off the heavy influences from QOTSA or A Perfect Circle sparkles like thus reflecting colorful blinded ray capturing coincidently in a quiet parking lot just like the symbolizing of Simple Words, Fractured Intentions (with Brad White) to Break The Habit as all the songs bashing towards how the audience reacts and closing them with smashing cool drum-basher.

Visceral Light: