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Lillies Interim (Bandcamp 2016)

   Not an E.D.M fans at all ?
Hmmm … whether won’t you or why not you trying to listen just a minute for DAWN aka Dawn Richardson’s Electronic Dance Music or Rn’B made of Los Angeles written by herself as being produced by Machinedrum or Noisecastle III to Kaveh Rastegar and Derek Bergheimer as the today and future collaborations performance really made by this one of the newer distinctive voice and song-writer among all; developing the unique tirelessly independent sounds of music to electrifying the audiences to dance non-stop entirely. 
Dark brown sugary body and great vocals and nearly-excellent materials recorded here for Redemption album may rivalry the well-deserved famous images of Rihanna in a point of no returns whilst the songs and music booming loud surrounding yours like hallucinating effects of seduction you cannot resists over Black Crimes, Renegades, Lazarus and Hey Nikki or The Louvre on their intense suspended beats of arousing feelings mixed. 

It’s everywhere by effective spreading infections of the licking beats none can easily avoid as well as the exotic looks from herself sold-out to you and the world of party never dies …