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Levantate Arma (Chapa Discos 1985)

   Well if you wanted to mix your old music like Heavy Rock and Pop cultured contradictions in one place for head-banger pleasure not too harmful but isn’t quite malicious as well – then, just try to have the mixture of Motorhead’s semi-trashy rock sounds and Patti Smyth’s figure alike in one package where Speed metal and Heavy Metal scene would sounding proud as hell on having these eighties Rock performance from a Spanish Hard Rock group named Santa as it was formed by Azuzena Dorado the lead vocals, Jeronimo Ramiro the Saratoga guitarist, Miguel A. Collado from Sangre Azul on keyboards, bassist Julio Diaz or drummer Bernardo Ballester as the formation changed in the eighty-six when vocals department being hold by the female singer Leonor Marchesi and Heavy Metal classic like the fusion of Ann Wilson’s power tuning and elements of Pop-Metal with semi-satanic interference through the lyrics still remains as the releasing of No hay Piedad Para Los Condenados as Santa’s second album truly will rocks the socks out of your parents that time. Feel the retro-force and melodic solos and pumping sounds of the beats rocking through Sin Compasion, No Eres Suficiente, Todo Mi Honor, D’Astaire Club or Huerfanos De La Tormenta – would excessively blown the classic Heavy Metal demands burnt on a stake in your head instantly !