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Legs Trenchfoot (Bandcamp 2011)

Absolutely rocking loud and getting their Progressive Rock along the optimistic overloaded by thus melodic presence, high-pitched vocals or the deliberating drumming and power bass guitar performance here within the enormous Nashville, Tennessee’s Rock N Roll fucking beastly psychedelic and experimental fried rock music and progression sounds analog pharmacy surplus theories turning reality and noisy via Ayatollah Gold’s formations through Mason Wallace (bass, vocals, acoustic guitars), Dallas Skare (guitar, bass), Colin Smith (drums), Brian Looney (guitars) and Andrew Locke (vocals, synthesizers, tambourine) as the leader as the lyrics and music composed equally by the band members and cooked to then manage for being served as a package of furious semi-Prog Rock music with plenty highly techniques performance and Art-Deco basic delighted portraying altogether through this album – Telegraphs. 
Eleven tracks from the shortest to just plainly standard guidance of good quality compositions via Wires of The Forest in about under two minutes to Exit Strategies smartly delivering for almost seven minutes and thirty-one seconds top; classic rock-attempts and choices kept through the craziest short seconds track of Tungbuzz-Zard, Kites demanding your four minutes and forty-two seconds while Unkle Ankle Kruch finding its way on 05:24 song-duration as the rest of this inside the album are especially artistic and touching your Progressive Rock explorations and love as it also adventurous as well.