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Lay To Soul (Independent 2014)

   Sprang like a phoenix of rock sensation grooves for the influences alike to the legendary names from bands such as Led Zeppelin, Cream, Free and The Rolling Stones and measures that there’s no licking but mixture of a good blends of those Classics stuff passions and the modern rock temptations during the valve thrown from these Essex, Southend on sea of UK blasting like they’re cannot be stopping for the given melodic bursts basic for Blues Rock as a trio of Dario (vocals/guitars), Dave (bass) and Lee (drums) would shaking your amplifiers up within this self-titled recording by the same name like the group – Howling Black Soul and Full of Desire, Myself, Darlin’ You, See The Light and Shoot You Down or Roll Out Your Head shall forcing its energy of rocking far-out and burning the roof-top and then, the house down !

Especially for you Hard Rock and Southern Rock Boogie groove listeners.

Howling Black Soul: