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Komenos Defy (Willowtip 2015)

   Atmospheric but not being funeral-tinged or on the other hand; try to think about Metallica becoming more Death Metal in a very Symphonic abysmal closure tension by sounds crating the most horrendous harmonies ever with folklore and pagan beliefs background and one shall have Sarpanitum – the Devon, UK meets Akita, Japan uniting metal-heads coalitions forming a group of three that will tearing down your life a whole; a blaster that would blown you up to dust once being turn on open. Blackened brutality for the likes of Immortal, Jason Becker, Mayhem or Disembowelment; you got the heavier performance conducts by Tom Hyde on guitars/bass, Leon Lacey on drums and Tom Innocenti (guitars, vocals, keyboards) crushing the barrier as they’re attacking thus religious symbols of lies by heretic thoughts of truth via the second recording release on Blessed be My Brothers… as an amalgam signs where Death Metal always providing the dark-crucible and horrific sites to visit anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Surrender to the slicing shreds of significant guillotine-liked riffs, ferocious growler vocals and the double pedals destruction as the crusades being totally defeated to the sea once again by pagan tracks of wrath by metallic traditions towards Glorification Upon The Powdered Bones of The Sundered Dead, The Sermon Lies Forever Tarnished as well as Malek Al-Inkitar where under the sands of time of the far-east territory; Christianity meet its doom for being loses and humiliated …

Blessed Be My Brother: