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Kodokushi (Bandcamp 2016)

   As Death Metal Slam-Core and Hardcore/Deathcore being released through these extreme Russians which consisting wheter of vocalist Kirill, Artyom and Andrew the shredders with unknown members for playing bass or drums upon Depths Of Black – the group but managed to exists within the releasing for this brutal down-tempo metallic bursting growls and heavy riffs like the tractor from hell crushing your town to the ground precisely quick as Human Fucktory (EP) did its debut happening to introduce the group’s ability and sensibility of mayhem to destructions within either Hollow which coming almost at four minutes, Despair (feat. Kirill Novopashin) or Martyrs and Depths Part II as opening the gate of devastating as the beasty psycho hog-killer beings grab human by the hand and pull the head and spine skeletal out of their body not for torturing but to make us extinct. Story darker than the conspiracy itself followed the bloodshed and bloodbath beyond enslavement after the big war and experiments gone wrong among mankind.

Human Fucktory (EP):