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Kite Petrol (Talitres Records 2005)

   Slow-core Indie Rock music for the journey across the country-side, reaching the rural remote and getting lost in the middle of nowhere written the lyrics like you never seeing things in your life before – haunting, mesmerizing, irregular but didn’t lose its touch on reaching our human’s feeling there on Idaho’s The Lone Gunman record. Not from Idaho but Los Angeles, CA for the truth; we got Jeff Martin (vocals, guitars, bass, drums and keyboards), John Berry (guitars, bass, drums, noise), Terrence Borden (bass), Dan Seta (guitars) and Mark Lewis (drums) sharing their tales on the road witnessing to your listening room through Echelon, Live Today Again, When Sunday Comes onto the moments stopped and thinking like for The Orange Cliffs or Cherry Wine, You Flew and Cactus Man Rides Again. 
As thus harmony chords of slow-tunes and the performance through sweet vocals or keyboards-based leaving the rest of a missing thoughts about love and the loss following it or the matters which didn’t exists anymore just popped out from your head to your heart in sudden … 

The Lone Gunman: