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Kirrilee (Self-Released 2014)

   Not long after the duo of these UK good-looking guys playing Electronic-Pop features Isaac Howlett and Adam Relf from Empathy Test releasing their debut recording E.P on Losing Touch that carries the essential modern-day beats of House Techno and Indie Rock absolute power mixing through the group’s efforts and the artworks reality also talking about thus relations that completely attaching via thus images or materials for the record music based to mostly the ruling laws of Synth-Pop both classical retro to the best original tension inside the self-written materials for these Electronic-Pop works. 
Open your ears, eyes and heart as well and let the monotonous melodic waves being stranded over dimensions but precious like Where I Find Myself or Last Night on Earth – brings many various beats and colors explosions via Dream-Wave/New Chillwave/Cold Wave to Pop-Synth of the 80’s legacy freshly comes back with the remarkable conversions from female-admirers – Empathy Test.

Losing Touch: