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Kids Everything (Rough Trade 2016)

   Two Londoners cutey girl unites together with an Icelandic rebel singer to forming their trio of Dream Wife completed by musicians Alice Go and Bella Podpedac as well as Rakel Mjoll from their times at the art of school Brighton project performance used to be an embarrassment piece of their memory turning to embracing of edgy Pop-Rock with quality and sweeter explosive as these girl-power group re-creating their self-written songs with simple hooks, cutting-edgy riffs that’s reminding you about Pop rocker heroes like The Cars, Blondie rocks and of course, Rick Springfield. This releasing of EP01 as it shows like it is; might sounded promising not to be avoid by boys – when their ears being invited by the sounds of rocking girls not far from the amplifiers blasting Lolita and Hey Heartbreaker !