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Karaoke Boizz (Bandcamp 2017)

   Tommy Babin (bass), Ian Carroll on trombone, Drew Ceccato – tenor sax, bari sax, Dustin Donahue on flexatone, Chris Golinski (drums), Paul Hembree on trumpet, Dillon Kondor (acoustic guitar) to Bob Pierzak (vocals, piano, synthesizers), Jacob Russo on bongos, Adam Tinkle (alto sax) to Meghann Welsh (yodeling) or Josh Yi on drums; sounded completely hilarious bizarre like you being trapped inside the cage with circus freaks, Fishbone show and zoo animals turning bewilder following the type of experimental absurdist crew Avant-Glam Jazz-Pop and Pro-Lounge from San Diego – California through Mayor Red Hot Taco Ghost Chilli Peppers by Mayor Taco Ghost opened the panorama views over thus kiddie couple drinking wine toast the forest and one might thinking twice to forcing themselves getting in continue for the most oddities tracks to make you drunk via As A Boy, I’m a Man Now, Blowin’ Up/Hit The Spot, Pool of Jaundice as well as Miss American Dream onto Banana Phone/House of Angels; displaying the semi-theater kissing cabaret and watching the cuddling sex points over the untamed giant sea-turtles after eating their Sargasso sea’s weeds and mackerel special ensemble in many dis-harmonic weird tempos and fun-prizes from Jungle Copernicus. 

Do they mocking "the Chilli Peppers" or ?

Mayor Red Hot Taco Ghost Chilli Peppers: