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Kanaworms (Pavement Music 1997)

Money pit fueled your pockets as greed comes to the top peaking your memory loss – brainless maggots ruling the damn globe and it seems like there’s nothing could go wrong after everything’s paid by the wealthy richy and stinky filthy minds of mankind. But wait a moment; Forbidden – the San Francisco Thrashers didn’t stop their metallic warnings upon you as Heavy Metal particularly always seeing these shit as an armageddon coming as the releasing of their album entitled Green given the last glimpse of look on how the rest of your healthy and prosper life shall be ended. 
Closely through those anthem tracks of blasting Thrash Metal and Groove metal mixture on Turns To Rage, pHat, Over The Middle, Noncent$ as the opening song asking us about the simple question – What is The Last Time ? 
By all means necessary – try to think again twice before you decided to head-banging without a cause next time – if there’s still be a next time.