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Jugular Nut (Ruler Why/Brutal Brotherhood 2014)

   Not like Big Daddy Kane, A Tribe Called Quest or Lord Finesse as The Geinster liking them as influences but the San Antonio’s producer and MC alias Richard Gein (like the serial killer figure) but might just killing you  with his rhyming techniques and thus Horror-Core Rap Gangsta to hip-Hop comes as ruthless formats based on the lasher underground and Death-Rap extremity via the total finest hours of recordings just like this one for example – Musick To Mutilate which may giving some an artwork that only can be found on Death Metal or brutal music cover for the album. Like the double-puncher Gangsta-shit beats guarding the essential terror sounds within the tracks; Richard Gein really sees his reality as a fucked-up calamity that needs no further forgiveness or maintenance but torturing squads and that’s what just offers there through the malicious songs such as 1057 Bodybags feat. Casacas and Ez Craven to The Pit feat. Vizion Red, On Parole Again, Ballad of an Old Soul, Human Skulls Cereal Bowlz or Witch Tits feat. Mr. Hokey – just a balancing mix between murderous and occultism based on very very subversive things ! 

Musick To Mutilate: