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Javert Carmike (Pledge Music 2017)

   Consisting a duo and born to be healers in whispering such of melancholy but wiser thoughts to offer durinf the excellent show of their interesting peaceful Folk-Pop Alternative bustled the microphones and the musical instruments struck down to those heart-felt are the essential core energy for Andy Baxter and Kyle Jahnke or Penny and Sparrow; an Austin, Texas Pop-Indie Folk rockers performing their vocals or guitars within the other utilities like lap steel or slide guitar by Jon Paul Ruggieri, Alex Page doing the violin/viola and Mitchell Webb’s french horn through thus old hinged doors, windows, vibrating harmony and rural corners of the Midwest or the northern parts of the Southern states as redo the clearer desire of the reinforcing footsteps or cracking sensibility feelings written to songs via Wendigo.
As Double Heart, There’s a Lot of Us in here, Salome & Saint Procula, Part 1 Visiting, Kin onto Rivertown – remarkably didn’t trying to erase the regrets or terrible mistakes or easily forgive and spoke out the sorry word to your unfinished plan in this life.