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Jagoffs Boozin (Not On Label 2014)

With Polka Kapolka on lead vocals/guitars, Chunk Kuruck the bass guitarist/back-up vocals, Randall Roscovak on drums and the calling silly awkward names for the group as Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band doing their straight up Hardcore in a very disturbing tempos and distorted banging sounds possibly would make yoru stereo system blown up burnt as the smike goes high and high off the Super Fun Time Awesome Party Album dangerously, as the self-titled recording debut and maybe the last one with the wider ranging from the 90’s Skater Punk and Ska-Core influences as the likes for NOFX, Operation Ivy, Choking Victim or The Dwarves catching the disruption to anyone who didn’t really into a louder songs performance to bleed themselves out when the starting on more than thirty-two tracks recorded here like Uttar, Man Boobs, Rant, Hopeless Heroes, Sick Society, Stand Your Ground to Creature From The Mon or Pissing Contest – regardless the street noises of Pittsburgh for ruling the advance themed moment of someone’s life and the commercial world fighting for struggles via the ugly artistic cake of freedom of speech and creativity not being tamed or chained ever as the messages sent in a hard way ! 

Super Fun Time Awesome Party Album: