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Internet Business (Crawfish/Siberia 2014)

Nick Cave looks meet Axl Rose rebel-background as well as the music itself speaks truly tells that this guy – Alex Cameron isn’t a furious rocker or a passive story-teller but foremost, he loves New Wave and Indie Rock like a kid likes his toys but wants to share most of his self-written experiences through music but leaves the little dirty secrets for himself behind thus dark glasses on Jumping The Shark recording.
A debut of selfishness and cold ego manic statements to tell the world that life won’t get easier than this one. Everything must go and when you pay the bills not enough to nurturing yourself confidence; don’t just sit around and wait – go out there and make some changes for your-self to grow. 
Everyone can feel how deep the pain or sadness scattered on the lyrics theme of the track-lists of deep-pro vocals of Alex Cameron but there’s also hope piling-up for a better days later but not definitely now – as there’s time for mourning over the beats and those songs: Real Bad Lookin’, Happy Ending, Gone South and The Comeback may delivers these adult’s mature small answers to the audience, a good reminder on how scars can be cured by music beats as proven.

Jumping The Shark: