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Influence Of The Magi (Superbob 2016)

   Even Danny Carey of the infamous legendary Tool (the band) leaving his Alternative Metal bashing grooves for the Electro-Doomy Metal project that includes himself pursuing the invitation from the duo of Kyle Alexander McDonald (bass, sitar textures, synthesizer, vocals) and Christopher Lewis the drummer over this Psychedelic Ancient Middle Eastern-tinged sounds base in Zaum. The foretold sessions led by Kyle and Chris precisely slow, dark and occult-based eerie or frightening music available for the group’s latest effort in Eidolon as hailed from Moncton, New Brunswick to experimenting the old world mantra subjects as for this one – carried the essential mixed between Middle Eastern with ancient Mayan/Inca background folklore that not only draws your interest upon the artworks but also the music itself. For example – the great and scary themes leading its way via The Enlightenment on the long-progressive duration off twenty-one minutes which will reversing your objectivity across the ancient beliefs and history through the melodic howling sounds of Zaum. 

Believe, beware, learn …