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Incident 228 (Lab 6/Caatinga Sattiva 2015)

   One might discovers that these Brazilian troops of Death-Thrash group maybe a continuity for your latest Speed Metal harmonic tensions brought to earth by the likes of Metal Hammer and other those classic stuff related to the faster, slayer and destroyer like the genre should be sounding like. 
   The truth reveals as these Sao Jose dos Campos – SP formations formed by Jairo (bass, vocals), Vitor Friggi (drums) and Marloni Santos (guitars) to JP on guitars releasing their blistering force-fed reactions chained sounds form over the influences of old Sepultura or Venom meets Machine Head by a chance in metallic intersections bringing thus slamming double pedals and power-riffs for hailing the Caesar and the displays of semi-nudity roman girls or slaves underneath his standing proud looks; Chaos Synopsis album entitled - Seasons Of Red providing everything you need for blaring the enormous heaviest metallic bomb-away to the world to destroying it over and over again as the themes of apocalyptic hypocrisy or excellent examples on folklore tales made humanity scared for decades just Like A Thousand Suns or State Of Blood; Red Terror with soloist b Fabio Zperandio as well as The Scourge Of God onto Burn Like Hell within the solo guest by Italo Junqueira and Gods Upon Mankind as the goblet drums played by Gledson Goncalves and samplers by Fabiano Penna. More Thrashers and Death metallers would loved to have this album as their infinite brutal collections.

Seasons Of Red: