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In Garden Snakes (Bandcamp 2014)

   Don’t shop alone to the Sixset Doom S.H.O.P cause you might getting easily chopped and screwed by Hip-Hop madness thug-life powers and your girlfriend won’t surviving her fifteen minutes there as well so, better avoid or your risks are already being told once and for all; Cursed of Los Angeles – California isn’t your regular rapper which trying to looks really a bad-ass but actually just a fake pussy boy inside but this reality thoughts compiled there within the recording of The Sixth Day EP truly a non-compromising of how Black gangs dealing with troubles and the rest of the outside world nowadays; six shots whether you using revolver or the automatic gun can’t stopping the finger for not pulling the trigger just like how brother killing brother and raping sisters or even the next-door white women neighbors. 
Aiming the deadly targets or just putting the cold gun onto someone’s head already promoting the gangsta life-style spreading like disease that used to did by the white men on spreading the heroin addictions among blacks and Hispanic. 
Let the blasts and the firing squad arrived because you didn’t care or afraid to die; Chapter VI (prod. Savage Dre), Neva Letta Bitch Know (prod. Mista 211) or Tha Moon (prod. A-Bluntz) and Finga on The Trigga (prod. DJJT) typically shown how the minority pushing back the majority in a class war where white lives doesn’t matter anymore and gangsta laws slaving back the streets and its bitches forever !

The Sixth Day EP: